Increase your chances of Winning by playing in a Syndicate

We are experts in operating Lottery syndicates into some of the world’s biggest and best-odds lotteries. By joining a syndicate you dramatically increase your chances of winning a prize. It is estimated that 1 in 4 lottery jackpots is won by a syndicate.

80 Euromillions Syndicate lines per week for just £11.25

What is Jackpot Hunter ?

Some of our syndicates have a dynamic element called Jackpot Hunter. Though our syndicates always include Euromillions, Powerball & Megamillions, we also enter other European lotteries too. Our algorithm decides which one to enter based on multiple factors (including odds & Jackpot amount).

The biggest global jackpots

Increase your chance of winning in some of the largest Jackpot Lotteries in Europe & the US

Largest Ever Jackpot

$1.537 billion

Largest Ever Jackpot

$1.586 billion

Largest Ever Jackpot

£167 Million

In Syndicate plans which include the Victory Guarantee, if you don’t win in ANY 4 week plan-period in the first 12 weeks we will refund your syndicate entry cost for that period.

You must be a new customer and play for a minimum of 12 consecutive weeks.

Join thousands of satisfied members...

Real Tickets

Our syndicates use Real Lottery Tickets.

Fast Cashouts

Withdrawals are quick and quibble-free.

Automated alerts

You are notified about winnings automatically.

Fequently Asked Questions

What is a lottery syndicate?

A lottery syndicate enables players to increase their chances of winning a prize in a lottery draw by having a share of multiple lottery lines, rather than just buying a few lines for themselves. Lotto syndicates can be difficult to manage though, especially when playing lots of lines in lots of different lotteries. Victory Lotto Club creates and manages lottery syndicates enabling you to benefit from a share of the prizes.

How do I join a syndicate?

You can join a syndicate at any time by logging in and activating it. As long as you are opted-in to receive marketing communications from us, we will alert you when new syndicates are about to begin.

What is my estimated win balance?

Your Estimated Win Balance is for display purposes only and is there to give you an approximation of your winnings.  It is worth noting that only your cleared balance is actually correct and can be cashed-out.

Estimated Win Balance = ((Pending balance currency A + Cleared balance currency A) * exchange rate) + ((Pending balance currency B + Cleared balance currency B) * exchange rate) etc.

Pending balance – Pending balances comprise your share of winnings subject to us successfully claiming from the primary lottery operator (e.g. if a lottery syndicate wins £100,000 in a draw, your share of this will show as “pending”. Once the money from the primary lottery has cleared, your share will show as “cleared”.

Cleared balance – Cleared balances are withdrawable (subject to minimum withdrawal limits). This means that the primary lottery operator has paid us, so now we can pay you. NOTE: the cleared balance is shown before any applicable country taxes levied on winnings, or other deductions from the lottery operator, and any exchange rate fee. 

The exchange rates used to calculate your Estimated Win Balance (EWB) update on an hourly basis. If the exchange rate changes, so does your EWB. Remember though, your EWB is only an indicator of what you have won. Lottolout always pays actual prizes in the currency of the primary lotteries.

Can I join a syndicate that has already started?

Yes, you can - as long as you are paying by card rather than Direct-Debit, you can join a syndicate whenever you wish and you will be eligible to play for the very next draw (as long as the cut-off time hasn't elapsed).

It is worth noting that if you play by Direct Debit, there is a cool-off period and so the syndicate will start after that.

Where can I see my winnings?

You can view your winnings in the MY ACCOUNT section when logged in.

3,840 times

more likely to win a JACKPOT than playing on your own, when playing a Euromillions Premium subscription for a year.